St. Damien Dash 5K

Mrs. Christina Lim of St. Damien’s Catholic Church in Oak Forest came to our Teachers’ Treasures event in the summer of 2014 and noticed Julia’s Legacy of Hope and what we are all about.  Each year St. Damien’s picks a charity to which they donate a portion of their 5K profits.  She was so inspired by what she saw at our Teachers’ Treasures sale that she invited us to be the recipient of their annual 5K run.    During the event we were invited to sell our pillows, inspirational framed quotes and scarves.  Our sales were great and our awareness efforts were event greater.

We could not have felt more welcomed by the runners, the congregation, Father Noonan, the  principal,  teachers and students at St. Damien’s School.  Weeks after the event we were invited to their weekly Tuesday mass where they presented us with a check.  As we looked out at the pews full of children we were happy to see their smiling faces, as well as reminded why we do what we do – work for cures to pediatric cancers, because kids get cancer, too.

We look forward to the possibility of making this an annual event!

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