JLOH Hope and Strength Pillows

Julia always enjoyed having a small pillow to hold during treatments, either inpatient or in the clinic.  It provided comfort when trying to rest or receive chemotherapy. Julia’s parents had a strong need to help teens and young adults like Julia feel comfortable and this is what prompted them to make Julia’s Hope and Strength Pillows.  So what’s with the term Hope and Strength, found in both the infinity scarves and now the pillows?  In January of 2013, when Julia was inpatient at Hope Hospital (now Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital) in Oak Lawn, she developed ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, or complete double pneumonia) and we thought we were going to lose her.  As Julia was about to undergo intubation and a procedure that could have taken her life, Chaplain Stacy Jutila, asked Julia to think of two words, one with an inhale, that word became Hope, and one with an exhale, that word became Strength.  Hope and Strength became our mantra and our guiding principle as Julia worked her way through treatment.  When Julia relapsed with AML she downloaded inspirational quotes from Pinterest, saved them as jpegs and sent them to be printed.  Julia and her mom put them together in a large collage, and that collage followed Julia to Lurie and Hope Children’s hospitals.  This was so important to Julia that her parents surprised her one day by taking the poster to Michael’s (while she was not well and sleeping during the day) where they helped us custom frame her collage.  The collage became two large picture frames and those picture frames became Julia’s Hope and Strength Pillows.  Leslie designed the pillows while working with a local vendor who recommended sublimation prints; she also sews stuffs and hand stitches the pillows. The Crochet Club will help make these in the fall, and bag them with Hope and Strength cards to keep them germ free for the patients . Each pillow is washable and non-allergenic, made of very soft fabric and with a special process that infuses the ink into the fabric to keep its bright colors from fading. Each pillow has Hope and Strength with Julia’s Legacy of Hope logo on the back, and a picture of Julia’s inspirational quotes on the front. They will be placed in the Hope Totes for new oncology patients at Hope as gifts from Julia, and we will do the same for the oncology patients at Lurie.  The demand for Julia’s Hope and Strength Pillows is great, and so they are also for sale and a continuing fundraiser for Julia’s Legacy. Orders are currently being taken for the pillows on Facebook, search Julia’s Legacy.

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