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Filled With Hope Totes

Designed by the mother’s of kids fighting cancer, The Cure It Foundation’s Filled With Hope Totes (FWH) program was developed to provide some hope at one of the most difficult moments a parent could face.

What if we could inject hope into the heart of these families by giving them a leg up in what will be their new “normal”?Nicole B. - mother of Aubrey, ALL

Providing newly diagnosed families with a tote that delivers a variety of ‘hospital survival items’ and advice from parents, the FWH program hopes to bring some comfort and show that no family will fight this battle alone. The totes are filled with a variety of items including:Hope Totes on Logo on Bag

  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Relaxation lotions
  • Pillbox
  • Cure It Foundation Blanket
  • Julia's Legacy of Hope Pillow
  • Soft cooler
  • Earplugs
  • Gift cards to nearby restaurants and gas stations
  • And more…

Filled With Hope Totes are vital in preparing families for what will be an extremely hard road; additionally, giving them information about programs that are available, and some tips and tricks that will make long days and overnights at the hospital more manageable.

Survivor 5k Training Program

5k Program PicThe Cure It Foundation proudly supports the Survivor 5k Training Program held at Advocate Children’s Hospital. This innovative program is designed to encourage survivors of childhood cancer as they embark on a 9-week training session, empowering them to compete in and complete a 5k run. A true accomplishment!

The training program was started in 2008 to inspire adolescents and young adults to be active and choose health, as they work endlessly to navigate their future as a childhood cancer survivor. Nearly 80% of children diagnosed with cancer will be able to say, “I am a survivor”; however, 2/3 of them will face long-term side effects due to their life-saving therapies.

The program pairs many fighters of childhood cancer and a ‘buddy’ (parent, sibling, significant other, friend) with a running mentor, experienced in training for all levels of competitive running. The team works together during the 9 weeks prior to the Ronald McDonald 5k run (Oak Lawn, IL) towards the lofty goal of completing the race – running, walk-running, or walking. All participants will receive a new pair of running shoes, a pair of wicking socks, a water bottle, a t-shirt for race day, entry fee for the 2016 5k run, and the tools to assure they can reach their goal.

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