Annual Andrew High School Charity Soccer Game

Once again this year we were invited to be a part of the third annual Andrew High School Charity Soccer Game!  Through the hard work of Lyn Malak and the Girls Soccer Booster Club we were able to bring awareness of childhood cancer to those who were unaware that kids get cancer, too.

Many moms came to our booth and heard Julia’s story.  Some were brought to tears, and some shared stories of their own.  Once again we sold t-shirts, infinity scarves and Julia’s Hope and Strength Pillows.  The next day, at school, one of the students came up to Jeff and said that her mom was at the soccer game and would like to buy ten pillows!  This mom was so inspired by Julia’s story that she thought of many people who could benefit from Julia’s pillows.  Julia continues to make a very real difference in the lives of people to this very day!

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